Prior Cases

A glimpse of the successful outcomes achieved by Interpro for its clients over four decades.

Hunt Estate … Can a former US President be a missing heir?

Donald Hunt passed away leaving no Will and no clues regarding surviving relatives.  Interpro determined that Donald was a native of Illinois who came to California as a young man during the Great Depression.  He remained a long-time resident of Los Angeles, living a reclusive life and having little or no contact with relatives.  Interpro’s investigation revealed over fifty cousins entitled to claim his estate, including our most illustrious client, a former President of the United States.

Cairns Estate … Sometimes that old story of a long, lost uncle is true.

Robert Cairns was a widower who passed away leaving no Will.  Relatives of his late wife took prompt action toward claiming his estate, alleging that Robert had no blood-relatives.  Interpro determined that Robert had become estranged from his family over a period of decades.  Interpro succeeded in claiming Robert’s estate for five nieces, who unfortunately never had the opportunity to know their uncle.

Keith Estate … Blood relation is not essential to the bond between father and son.

Arlene Keith was a widow, who had no children.  She passed away leaving no Will and seemingly no known surviving relatives.  Interpro determined that she had a brother, who preceded her in death, and who had no natural born children.  However, Arlene’s brother was married to a woman with a son born from a non-marital relationship.  Arlene’s brother never adopted the child, but did raise him as his own son.  Interpro argued that the only parent-child relationship the boy knew was with Arlene’s brother, and succeeded in claiming Arlene’s estate for heirs of the child raised by her brother.

Rupp Estate … A broken relationship between sisters is restored.

George Rupp resided in the same small town for his entire life.  He lived modestly and reclusively.  He passed away leaving no Will and no clues regarding family.  Local authorities went to great lengths to identify relatives but with no success.  Interpro learned of the situation and was able to locate numerous cousins.  Two of these cousins, who were sisters, had been estranged for twenty years, and Interpro’s involvement rekindled their relationship and led to their heart-warming reunion.

Webber Estate … From England to America and back to England.

Bertram Webber was a native of England who emigrated with his wife to the United States at the end of World War II.  Upon leaving England, they cut ties with their homeland and lost touch with relatives.  Bertram and his wife had no children, and his wife preceded him in death.  When Bertram passed, he left no Will, and his heirs were unknown.  Interpro conducted an investigation spanning three years, with on-site research overseas, and successfully claimed Bertram’s estate for long, lost relatives in England.

Ebersole Estate … Assets lost for more than two decades can be recovered!

Victor Ebersole was a citizen of the United States, who moved to Spain in the 1960s.  In the process, he abandoned certain of his assets in his native country.  By the time Victor passed away in Spain, these assets had been unclaimed for decades.  By the time Interpro became involved, Victor’s heir, his wife Antonia of Spain, had died.  Antonia’s heir, her father Juan of Mexico, had also already died, as did Juan’s heir, his wife Juanna.  Juanna’s heir was her niece Maria of Spain, and Interpro successfully claimed Victor’s abandoned assets for her, more than twenty years after Victor passed away.

Delich Estate … An unclaimed estate in North America finds a home in South America.

Anton Delich passed away with no known heirs, and his estate remained unclaimed for years.  Interpro determined that Anton was a native of Yugoslavia, from where his family fled during World War II.  They resided in Egypt for a time and eventually settled in Argentina.  Anton later emigrated to the United States and did not maintain ties with family.  Piecing together a string of clues, Interpro retraced Anton’s roots to Argentina and located two nieces who then became lawful heirs to Anton’s estate.

Samuels Estate … After waiting a lifetime, a son has closure concerning his wayward father.

Andrew Samuels passed away with no Will and left no clues regarding his family history.  Interpro traced Andrew’s life path back in time and determined that 70 years earlier he had married and had a child.  Soon after, he lost interest in family life, and that marriage ended in divorce.  Following the divorce, he effectively severed his relationship with his child, who was still a toddler.  In this most sensitive and emotional of cases, Interpro was able to locate Andrew’s adult son and assist him in claiming the estate of the father he barely knew.