Connecting You with an
Unexpected Inheritance

Connecting You with an
Unexpected Inheritance

Locating heirs

Locating heirs and informing them of an inheritance or unclaimed asset which could otherwise remain unknown to them.

Educating heirs

Educating heirs about the legal process of claiming an unexpected inheritance, which is typically a once in a lifetime experience.

Assisting heirs

Assisting heirs in claiming their unexpected inheritance, on a contingent fee basis, so there is no out-of-pocket cost and no risk to them.

What We Do

Interpro has been locating missing or unknown heirs for more than four decades. 

We research specific resources looking for situations in which heirs to an estate may be missing or property of a deceased person is unclaimed.

Our mission is to inform heirs of assets, which would otherwise remain unknown to them, and to process a claim on their behalf.

We operate on a contingent fee basis, which means that we pay the costs necessary to process the claim from start to finish. Our compensation is a percentage of the assets we recover for our clients.

This arrangement places the entire burden of risk and expense on us. Our clients never pay any amount from their own pocket for our services.

As we assist heirs in claiming an unexpected inheritance, they learn about their family history, which for some people is more important than the inheritance.


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