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Michael L. Azarian

CA Private Investigator

License No. PI-24739

Interpro has been locating missing or unknown heirs for more than four decades.  Our objective is to make the process of claiming an unexpected inheritance a pleasant, informative, and rewarding experience for our clients.


  • lnterpro researches specific resources looking for situations in which heirs to an estate may be missing or property of a decedent is unclaimed.

  • Our objective is to inform heirs of assets which would otherwise remain unknown to them and to process a claim on their behalf.

  • We operate strictly on a contingent fee basis, which means that we pay the costs necessary to process the claim from from start to finish, and our compensation is a percentage of the assets recovered for our clients.

  • This arrangement places the entire burden of risk and expense on us. Our clients incur no liability and never pay any amount from their own pocket for our services.

  • As we assist heirs in claiming an unexpected inheritance, they invariably learn something about their family history, which for some people is more important than the inheritance.







Every family is a story unto itself, and lnterpro is a family business. The story of lnterpro is perhaps a modest example of how descendants of foreign immigrants can be blessed with prosperity in America.

Queenie Nishkian escaped Smyrna, Turkey as a teenager during the Armenian Genocide. She was the only survivor from her immediate family. Her rescue brought her to America where she was received by relatives in Fresno, California. She later married Charles Azarian, and their only child, Edward C. Azarian, was born in Los Angeles at the start of the Great Depression. Charles and Queenie lived humbly on meager earnings. This instilled in Edward a great desire to achieve economic security for himself and for his family.

Edward served in the U.S. Army and was accepted into Army Language School. This led to supporting U.S agents in a safe house in West Germany during the Cold War. He later obtained a Bachelor's Degree from University of California Los Angeles and secured employment with the Los Angeles County Probation Department, supervising juvenile offenders who provided support to fire-fighting agencies in Malibu, California. He married his wife of 50+ years, Gloria A. Jordan, and they raised three children in Malibu.

Edward learned the business of unclaimed property and locating heirs from a dear friend and next-door neighbor, and they became partners. After Edward's partner retired, he created his own company, International Probate Research, in the mid 1970s. Edward's passion and discipline resulted in gradual success. His son, Michael L. Azarian, was exposed to the business from an early age, leading to a full-time career by1989 and a father and son partnership lasting two decades.

Michael established a branch office in San Diego, and the business flourished, despite the highly competitive arena of companies in this field. For convenience, the business name was shortened to lnterpro, a name chosen by Michael to honor his father, who used lnterpro as his cable address, long before fax machines and email. Edward passed away in 2012 in his beloved Malibu.

Michael relocated 30 miles north from San Diego to Oceanside and continues the legacy started by his father, to help people in a meaningful and lasting way, to adhere to lawful and ethical standards, and to provide personalized service with genuine care and concern for clients.


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